Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why do Muslims kill people?

The other day my niece asked me "Why do Muslims kill people?".

How to explain it to a 15 year old about how Muslims are come to be and behave they way they do? This is how that dialogue went.

Me: Imagine when you wake up tomorrow morning, your sister reaches out to you and says, hey I gave you 100 bucks last night and you promised to give them back today. Can you please give my money back? You would be like what$ at first, then ask her when and where she gave you 100 bucks. Imagine she tells you that she gave you the money in her dream last night and you promised to give it back in the morning.

What will you do? At first you laugh at her. If she keeps insisting you call her crazy. As you debate with her she starts getting abusive and that’s when you call your parents. Imagine she insists you return the money or she will hurt you and you know she is serious. As time passes and you resist to succumb, your sister gets more and more abusive.

My niece: That's crazy!

Me: May be for you. But your sister sincerely believes that she is right and is throwing rage fits, throwing stuff at you and your parents.

My niece: Perhaps we give her Rs.100 and get over it?

Me: Yes, that is one option. In such scenario she is happy and will calm down for today, but tomorrow is a new day and asks for 200 and the cycle continues.

My niece: If she does this again, I will slap her.

Me: What if she gets increasingly abusive, irrespective of your response for she not only believes that she did give you money in her dream, but also believes that you are always wrong and are born liar?

My niece: I don't know.

Me: This is called Drishti-Srishti vada in Hindu Vedanta. You claim something to be true because you perceived something; be it in awaken state or dream state or schizophrenic state. This is what exactly happened with Islam. Muhammed claimed that Allah spoke to him and only to him all those things in Quran. Unfortunately Allah didn't speak to anyone else to double-confirm what he told Muhammed (this will be un-Islamic by the way). And Muhammed insisted that he is the last guy Allah is ever going to talk to. And Muslims believe that whatever is in Quran is exactly what Allah said to Muhammed.

My niece: How do you know, did you read Quran?

Me: Yes. Never believe anyone. Quran is hardly 500+ page book, smaller than your Harry Potter book. You should read it for yourself.

My niece: What did Muhammed say in Quran?

Me: Muhammed says that only Allah is the God. And Muhammed is his last prophet. The universe is created for Muslims to enjoy in the path of Muhammed and non-Muslims are born sinners and liars. And that it is every Muslim's duty to convert or kill non-Muslims so one day the whole humanity is full of Muslims (who accept Muhammed & Quran) and nothing but Muslims.

My niece: Does Islam tells Muslims to kill others?

Me: Muhammed himself killed and raped women as he spread Islam. He killed children (by our definition). He had slaves. And Quran says everything is fine in the path of converting non-Muslims in to Islam.

My niece: Did Muhammed say to kill children?

Me: Islam says that anyone who entered puberty is an adult and can be raped/killed. That is why they killed those school children in Pakistan recently.

My niece: Wait, why did they kill the children?

Me: Because the parents of those children, Pakistan Army, were bombing/killing those Muslims who want to spread Islam. So the children of Pakistan Army are enemies of Islam and those who achieved puberty are considered as enemies of Islam and were killed.

In fact Muhammed himself has killed children who had pubic hair in Banu Qurayza, an encounter with Jews.

My niece: So even a Muslim who fights against fellow Muslims are enemies of Islam.

Me: Yes, because the ultimate goal of every Muslim is to establish Islam over entire humanity. This is Jihad. In that path any obstacle is considered enemy of Islam and can be killed.

My niece: That means, normal Muslims who don't actively do Islam with others are Bad Muslims.

Me: Unfortunately, yes! If you believe in Islam & don't do your Islamic duty, you aren't a true Muslim. This is like your sister calling your parents who took your side as liars for calling her dream falsehood. Anyone who denies her dream, in this case Islam, are liars, enemies & suitable for killing.

Another interesting point is, the Pakistani Army which appears to be a Moderate Muslim in this scenario itself is guilty of genocide of non-Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh in addition to using Terrorism as a tool to hurt its enemies such as India.

So as far as non-Muslims are concerned, they are enemies of Islam irrespective of how good/bad Muslim you are.

My niece: So Muslims must convert or kill non-Muslims if they want to be true to Muhammed & Quran. But why are we told Muslims are good?

MeImagine you start calling your Mom as Daddy! First she will laugh, then she will get irritated and if you continue further she will be upset and shout at you. 

What will your Muslim friend say when you say "Hey Ayisha, you look, talk & behave same as I do. You even dislike Muslim terrorists. You too must be a Hindu inside!".

My niece: I think she will be offended if I call her a Hindu.

Me: Exactly and she would be right in getting upset for being called a Hindu. Its because we are trying to understand them in our image and not as they are. We must understand and recognize Muslims based on Quran & Muhammed, Christians based on Bible and Church/Jesus and so on. We are trying to understand them as Hindus. It is not only inaccurate but also not fair to Muslims. 

Calling things with their right names and characteristics is half wisdom!