Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gen. V.K. Singh episode - Following the political bread crumbs

Why would a corrupt and scam-infected coalition government try to remove the leader of the nation's armed forces over a non-issue? What makes a clerical error (incorrect DoB in a personal file) so important to the UPA2 administration that its Ministry of Defense wants to spend its ever dwindling political capital on this issue instead of selection of MMRCA partner or expanding LCA/Arjun acquisition into Indian Army or any other equally important issue?
The Political bread-crumbs

- When his Pakistani counterparts raised the demilitarization of Siachin, Sashi Tharoor (Congress MP and former Asst. External Affairs minister) is on record saying Indian Political Leadership (read INC and MMS administration) is ready for that but it is the Indian Army that is not on board on this issue.
Is the successor of VK Singh is on board with INC/UPA2 government to vacate Siachin so INC can move forward with its Peace with Pakistan Program?

AFPSA – It was Indian Army again that halted the political moves initiated by Omar Abdullah with blessings of Rahul Gandhi.

Is the successor of VK Singh on board with INC/UPA2 government to remove AFPSA?

Kashmir Valley – Last year UPA2 and MMS sent special interlocutors (some of who later found to be receiving favors from Pakistani ISI) to discuss the peace options in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
Is INC/UPA2 contemplating autonomy to Kashmir Valley or parts of J&K states and making sure that Indian Army will not put hurdles in these efforts as it might mean pulling Army back from LoC in some areas?

The Strategy

Given INC’s obsession to come back to power in 2014 at any cost and make Rahul Gandhi the PM of India, the following seems to be INC’s political strategy

2012 –
• Remove VK Singh and replace him with someone who will be part of INC’s vision for India.
• Make a peace deal with Pakistan on Siachin. IA vacates Siachin and Pakistani Army will not make any efforts to claim this area. India will not see any terror attacks on its soil in return.
Before 2014
• Remove AFPSA in JK and NE to consolidate Muslim and Christian vote banks
• Give Autonomy to Parts of JK or Kashmir Valley

2014-2019 (Assuming Rahul Gandhi is the PM)
• Make further peace moves with Pakistan.
• Declare the new LOC (with parts of Kashmir Valley given autonomy or given to Pakistan) as the international border with Pakistan and give up all claims on PoK

Propaganda Value
• Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is portrayed (using politically motivated media houses) as leaders of peace (Rahul Gandhi was on record saying that only his family can bring peace to India)
• Rahul Gandhi (INC) claiming to have solved the Kashmir problem for India permanently
The holy-grail of dynastic politics

The Gandhi-Nehru dynasty might invite Pakistan (and Bangladesh?) to become the extended electorate of India in the hope of consolidating the Muslim minority votes under its belt forever. Key political parties in Pakistan and Bangladesh might merge or join the UPA alliance in this effort; thus giving INC and Pakistani RAPE (Rich Anglicized Pakistani Elite) permanent hold over the political fortunes of Indian Subcontinent

It could be sold to the Indian public as
- An effort to guide Pakistan on the road of Democracy
- To accommodate Bangladeshi-immigrant sensitivities
- Eventual re-unification of India
Impact to Indian Geo-Political Environment
This may result in some unintended consequences to the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty and Hindu Bharat. When big people make mistakes, the price for those mistakes too will be huge.
Once India converts LoC into LAC, Pakistan can cede parts of PoK/NA to China so China’s hold over Tibet is complete and absolute. China might even buy some of these sparsely populated areas from Pakistan for onetime payment (Pakistan getting $20-50B onetime payment for giving up Northern Areas)
As and when Pakistan becomes the extended electorate of India, the founding objectives of Pakistan will be met. A modern version of Muslim-electorate dominated Mughalistan will be formed (as different state governments of Indian union – J&K x 10) from Pakistan to Bangladesh thru the Gangetic belt of India. The consolidated Muslim vote bank will demand (and probably receive) a higher say and share in the Indian success story disproportional to its contributions (20% contribution but gets 50% of share of the spoils).

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  1. Obviously it is true.Congress wants VKSINGH out to start selling tenders of arms