Thursday, January 16, 2014

Saindhava of Delhi State Elections!

The great itihasa Mahabharata is called 'The Mind of India". No wonder it continues to offer clues, patterns and insight into the Socio-Political dynamics of India irrespective of what era the reader belongs to.

Latest Delhi elections reminded me a story in Mahabharata. This is the story of one Jayadradha and his boons. Delhi has a very high symbolic value in Indian politics. It being capital of the nation is only part of its value proposition. Its role in Indian history (irrespective of however much secularists want us to believe that India did not exist before 1947) is the real symbolic value in Indian psyche. That is why Delhi deserved a Padmavyuha by enemies of Modi. They have to choose a place where they can make him visit less or not at all (remember, Padmavyuha doesn't work against Arjuna). Once    the location of Padmavyuha is decided, all players came into positions as dictated by Destiny (of this nation)

Players of modern Padmavyuha -
Abhimanyu = Harshavardhan; Arjuna = Modi; Pandavas = D4; Saindhava = Kejriwal

Now that Saindhava has his day of fame, the real puzzle is to find how to solve him from the game? For this we need to go to his father and make sure that the father himself throws Saindhava's to dustbin of history and get self-destroyed in the process. 

That is why it is very important for Pandava side to keep the pressure on Saindhava and even use an apaddharmic eclipse if needed. By the way don't forget to use Pasupatha (social media?) to send Saindhava's head to his daddy's lap.

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita:

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