Saturday, August 16, 2014

USA: A Vedic Civilization on Abrahamic Foundations?

US is like a Vedic civilization with Abrahamic foundations. For a moment let's forget how it came to existence & call it a Pralaya for Natives.

What I see is following patterns (again at a large scale) with exceptions...

1. Varna Vyavastha
The intellectual class (whoever opts it) are given all state support needed in their pursuit of knowledge (research funds, labs and what not) but are kept barely above BPL in terms of personal wealth.

The Kshatriya class has strong hold on enforcing this entire Varna-Vyavastha. It also has unquestioned say in the national resources

The Vaisya class is allowed to accumulate wealth and as a tool to extend US interests. But even this so powerful Vaisya class is allowed to be free only as long as the profits flow back home. This class is ruthlessly curtailed if/when they try to build a center outside of core US.

The Sudra class is kept in an extremely well orchestrated bliss of materialistic pleasures. 

2. Individual freedoms - as long as the individual is moving in the prescribed order of Varna/Ashrama Vyavastha the individual is given lot of freedoms be it in terms of right to bear arms, or sex or pursuit of & access to materialistic excesses.

3. Ashrama Vyavastha - the Balya avastha was enforced by forced schooling upto highschool (?). The Brahmacharya (higher education in this society) is made in such a way that by the time an individual comes out of it, he has enough debts (assuming no parental support) that he will remain in debts for rest of life. The whol Grihastha Ashrama is about working for retirement & paying debts of Brahmacharya. The retirement is more of a solitary contemplation in retirement homes with little association with family & society.

4. Environment/animal rights - even here the environment & animal rights are sustained and supported only as long as they do not come in the way of their Abrahamic foundations. Hurting a dog is animal rights but slaughtering of billions of cattle, turkey's etc for food is completely ok. A time magazine report a few months ago reported that all native species have seen a remarkable turnaround and are now in more numbers than they ever were in 200 yrs.

For an Indian (or any immigrant for that matter) the Abrahamic foundations are not visible and are kept away from the highways and malls that the immigrants visit. So the immigrant only sees the Vedic structures and fall for the underlying Abrahamic traps

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