Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Playing Obama's game

He came, he hugged, he saw, he said and he left!

Modi's government left no stone unturned to make this unprecedented visit by Barack Obama a grand success. Protocols were set aside (Obama in his Ghost on Rajpath), legal hurdles (nuclear deal) smoothened and strategic-relationship turned into personal friendship. All this ended with Obama's unsolicited advice on India's unity and religious tolerance or lack thereof.

Social media went crazy over Obama's lack of Atidhi-Maryada (guest's  etiquette). World-media ensured that intolerant nature of Hindu majority is well understood by colonial west and dictatorial middle eastern kingdoms. Indian intellectuals subtly advised Modi govt to get rid of RSS and those assertive saffron BJP MPs, if he were to become the darling of leftist, Islamist and evangelical power-network. Some Indian media divas like Shekhar Gupta went to the extent of attributing BJP's rout in Delhi city-state elections to this issue alone.

Why this message and why now?

To get a complete picture of the value proposition of India to the world, please read my earlier blog-post The Prize – That is India. As many studies (every notable strategic/economic/consulting firm has a study on this) indicate India is poised to spend at least $1 trillion on infrastructure development over next decade, in addition to more than $100B on defense acquisitions. On top of this, if Modi’s call of “Make in India” were to succeed, India will need another $2 trillion to train and employ 150+million labor force that currently employed in Agricultural sector [see table below]. This is the rationale behind Modi’s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment to First Develop India) slogan. These numbers may sound astounding to some but over 10 years all these investments amount to hardly 10% of India’s GDP.

Modi, as soon as his election as Prime Minister of India, went on a world-wide tour seeking investments and transfer of technology selling India’s growth story.

Modi had to politely set aside China’s offer of up to $100B investments for this offer came with caveats that require India compromising on its territorial integrity, national security and absorbing Chinese manufactured products undermining the ‘Make In India’ initiative.

Russia’s Putin visited India in December 2014 and signed 20 bilateral agreements estimated at $100B over next decade or so.

Japan, Australia, Singapore and EU wanted to partner with Modi’s “Make In India” vision for they see Indian economy as a stable and profitable opportunity for their aging economies and inefficient pension funds. But all these nations needed their big brother, USA’s, approval before they can make any financial or technology commitments. 

If Modi’s meeting with Obama in USA set the stage for strategic alignment of India with USA, then Obama’s India visit was supposed to be the culmination of that partnership.

This is why Modi's government left no stone unturned to make this unprecedented visit by Barack Obama a grand success. But there is one important thing that USA (and Europe) needed from Modi’s India before they can trust India and start investments; Modi's compromise on the civilizational identity of India. To understand this equation, please read my blog-post The Fight – 2014 Elections.

The essence of that article is simple. A resurgent Hindu Bharat is a civilizational threat to Abrahamic USA and Europe. USA and Europe (along with their Asian partners) cannot and will not invest in and empower India unless it severs its ties with Bharat, the civilizational India.

This is why decades old #Gharwapasi is brought into media glare, few cases of Church arson were presented as harassment of religious minorities in India (forgotten are the continuous attacks of Christian missionaries on Hindu temples and culture) culminating in Obama’s unsolicited advice on religious tolerance as precondition for India’s territorial integrity. The secular Media started spinning the electoral victory of Aam Admi Party (which got more votes from those very Hindus who overwhelmingly voted for Modi just 9 months ago than all the minorities in Delhi combined) as a warning shot to Modi to denounce his Hindutva identity and politics.

Is Bharat worth it?

The next logical question is “Is Bharat Worth It?”. Do we need to protect Bharat at the cost of leaving India poor, weak and unworthy?

Let’s look at the alternatives first!

Should India convert amass into Islam and evolve into world’s largest Islamic nation? Will this make Pakistan and Bangladesh redundant and lead to unification of Indian sub-continent. Then why did Bangladesh separate from Pakistan to begin with? Did Pakistan/Bangladesh’s Islamic identity lead to wealth, strength and international stature that India is seeking? The reality is right in-front of us staring into our eyes thru the mirror of Islamic State!

Or should India convert amass into Christianity and evolve into world’s largest Christian nation? Will this alone turn India into a wealthy, strong and world-power? What happened to all those African nations which converted into Christianity? Why are they still reeling in filth, poverty and sickness?

What do we do now? Perhaps our ancestors realized this question a long time ago. How else can we fathom the untold sufferings of hundred+ generations of our ancestors who fought and withstood the double colonization of Bharat by Islam and Christianity just to save our Bharatiya identity? 

Studies indicate that India pulled more than 200 million Indians out of poverty in the past 20 years (since 1991). That means we can get the remaining 350m poor out of poverty and can grow wealthy, strong and powerful on our own in next 20-30 years. What glory there is on earth than we becoming rich, healthy and powerful in our own identity?

Does it mean we have to make enemies out of the Obama’s of this world and get into a prolonged friction with western society?

Not necessarily. There is a Bharatiya way out of this conundrum. It is …

Playing Obama’s Game

Before we play this game, we need to understand the game. Please read my blogpost USA – A Vedic Civilization on Abrahamic Foundations to understand the rules of the game. In the USA, the state enforces the rules of the game while Christianity remains the foundation of that society. Similarly India too can realign itself in such a way that Govt of India enforces the rules of the game while Hinduism remains the foundation of our society.

How would such a game play out?

Modi welcomes Obama’s comments while subtly reminding the world about India’s painful past under Islamic and Christian colonizations. Then Modi changes India’s laws & governance structures to closely reflect the systems of USA/West.
·      Define Ashrama-Vyavastha as it is how in the USA and enforce it by rule of law.
·      Define Varna-Vyavastha as it is how in the USA and enforce it by rule of law.
·      Equip the justice system to process cases within reasonable timeline.
·      Thoroughly desensitize Law and Order apparatus of religious sensitivities and prosecute Church/Temple/Mosque attacks as per the law. Give multi-life sentences to the culprits.
·      Redefine Educational and National Policy institutions based on Hindu foundations of India. Shun out Leftist intellectuals from educational and national policy institutions following the footsteps of Joseph McCarthy.
·      Ban foreign funded NGOs on national security grounds. Or at least tax them at the highest rate possible.
·      Ban public and religious slaughter of animals on health and civic sense grounds. Establish and enforce strict animal rights laws.
·      Release Hindu temples out of government control and a put all these properties under a private national fund for Hindu temples & organizations. Most conservative estimates put the value of these properties at $100B. Pay this Hindu fund $5B/Year as reparations for next 10 years. Allow Hindus to run private religious educational and medical institutions.
·      Enforce absolute freedom of speech. Allow Indian media to run various investigative and historical shows on Abrahamic faiths like The Borgias, The Tudors, Secrets of Vatican etc.,
·      Enforce absolute freedom of propagation of faith. Allow Hindu #Gharwapasi while allowing Christian/Muslim conversions (minus foreign funds).
·      Build huge museums for Islamic genocide of Hindus and Christian genocide of Hindus and dedicate them to the world.

In doing the above, Modi should be able find favorable support base both within and without India for they are congruent with American laws. Modi and his media team should present each of these measures comparing them with corresponding US laws so there is little confusion within and without. Simply put "Bharat is Hindu America!"

Once this debate is resolved, the Obamas of West will have nothing to complain about Bharat’s pluralism for the state is thoroughly separated from religion and is governed by nothing but rule of law and pursuit of liberty and (individual as well as national) happiness. 

Table: Cost of India's transformation from Agricultural economy to Industrial economy:


  1. - Provide few/all possible references on psec media articles to link evil clinching evidences against them
    - You missed my favorite plan of linking all Hindu temples with Interstate type freeways, and building advanced Hindu schools adjacent to all temples.
    - Make religious conversion tax mandatory - like gov gets 10L per conversion from converting institution. Gov pays 1/2 of it back on Ghar Wapsi to the victim only.

    Good Job!

  2. SaiK ji,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    1. We can easily provide the media articles that are against the civilizational roots of India, that is Bharat. I didn't want to trouble my readers with that drivel.

    2. Perhaps that's an idea for another post - India as Hindu America.

    3. That is European model (like Church Tax). For that to happen, first Govt of India should allow Hindu religious service organizations associated with Hindu Temples.

    All in due time.