Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dalitism – Creation of a new Abrahamic faith in India

After achieving the initial gains using their divide and conquer strategy in Bengal between Hindus and Muslims, the European colonialists needed an artificial separator in the Hindu majority south India. As part of this enterprise they misinterpreted and misquoted the Hindu Varna system as a reflection of European fascist and racist ideology and presented it to the selected sections of Indian society thru their missionary education system.

A product of such education system is Sri Jyotirao Phule, the inventor of the term "Dalit", who was spotted and prodded by his Christian neighbor to attend the Scottish Mission High school in his formative years. After graduating from the missionary high school, it did not take much time (less than a year) for Jyotirao to find a upper-caste insult so he can start his anti-Hindu movement that would later become the most potent tool in British social engineering arsenal in destroying the social and cultural fabric of India that is Bharat. The most revealing aspect of Jyotirao Phule’s ‘Satya Shodhak Samaj’ is its refusal to accept the foundations of Hindu dharma (Vedas as sacrosanct, Moorti worship and Chaturvarna System) in sync with the Abrahamic ideologies – Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Communism and Secularism. The viciousness of Jyotirao’s organization can be seen in the first project it undertook to organize remarriages for upper-caste Hindu widows instead of doing anything substantial for the so-called lower castes. How the remarriages of upper-caste widows is related to Dalit empowerment, no one knows.

As they were forced to leave India, the British colonizers used all their influence in undermining and eliminating the nationalistic leadership and intellectual base that might take the independent India towards its natural Hindu consciousness.   They carefully applied a reward and punishment model on Indian National Congress organization, the umbrella organization that lead Indian independence movement, such that only the anti-Hindu, Secular individuals can rise to its leadership roles.

When India achieved independence in 1947, this established secular intelligentsia ensured that the new constitution of India has its roots in the constitutions of Christian majority western nations than the local and more natural Hindu consciousness. Prime Minster Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. B.R Ambedkar silenced the Hindu voices by falsely blaming Hindu dharma for all the ills of Indian society while giving clean chit to centuries of Islamic and Christian rule.

Thus the B.R Ambedkar smriti, secularism based dharma shastra, became the constitution of India in 1947. Since then this secular, social constitution formed the basis for unexplained apathy toward anything Hindu and acceptance and adoption of any idea that is primarily born out of Abrahamic world-view. Since then the constitution was changed often to further empower the Christian and Muslim minority isolation while denying Hindu dharma its rightful place.

1992 marked the arrival of Hindu consciousness on Indian social scene. By destroying the Babri Masjid on Rama’s birth place in Ayodhya, the Hindu representatives demonstrated their intent to clean Indian national consciousness of such thuggish abominations. This event brought the anti-Hindu sleeper-cells in various government and social organizations back into action. Since then the shrillness of Dalit identity kept on increasing with the rate of decline of the ruling Congress party fortunes.

The recent attempts by Dalit organizations in organizing ‘Beef Festival’ in Osmania University, Hyderabad and current uproar on the B.R Ambedkar cartoons by various Dalit organizations must be seen from this angle. The manufactured Dalit identity is now ready with their Ambedkar smriti, giving the constitution the status of smriti (dharma sastra). They are following the Abrahamic path where the prophet and the book are above discussion, instead of the Indic path where the prophethood and sastra are open for debate and change (that is why we have so many versions of Ramayana and Mahabharata).

No wonder Kancha Ilaiah, the self-professed and west-supported Dalit intellectual, said this about B.R Ambedkar  Ambedkar is to Dalits what the prophet is to Muslims. He should not be seen only as a constitution-maker, which the authors of the textbook seem to have presented him as; he is fast acquiring the status of prophet for the scheduled castes of the country, 

Thus a new race “Dalit’ is invented. A new prophet B.R Ambedkar is manufactured. A group of Mullahs like Sri Kancha Ilaiah are being propped up. Unless the Hindu consciousness wakes up, the next version of Constitution of India will be a Dalit Bible along with a Dalit-Sharia.

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  1. I do not think so. While Abrahamists might try all their dirty tricks, the average dalit still knows that his survival is linked to hinduism and the politico economic protection that varnashrama gaurantees. The difficulty of open competition and surviving in the real world without the shield of caste is apprehended by a majority, though it might change in the future.
    Apart from the traitors, common dalits are not criminally inclined, which is a pre condition to survive in any abrahamism. So, while the threat is present, it is not a serious one.