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Musings on Indic origins of Abrahamic faiths

Bharatiya Puranas have a unique way of explaining the dance of consciousness – the separation of individual (Ego) from Param due to A-Vidya and its evolution (return journey) thru Vidya. This evolution happens in a multi-dimensional cosmic field, with the biological evolution being just one of those dimensions. If the modern science is Vidya in this three-dimensional world, the Para-Vidya leads the individual in the other dimensions.

It is said that the humanity was originally centered in Bharata-Varsha and any/all A-dharmic and Asuric forces are expelled from Bharat every time they were defeated. These Asuric forces left Bharatavarsha and spread all over the earth. They interacted/occupied the local inhabitants, if any, and developed new civilizations as reflections of their own consciousness and the little Vedic knowledge they could sustain. 

As the social convicts of Britian made today's Australia and USA, the Adharmic convicts of Bharat made all the other modern civilizations around the world.

Hindu Puranas are filled with continual raise of Asuric consciousness. All these Asuric individuals and forces have the same Vedic knowledge, often times more textual knowledge than their Dharmic counterparts as seen in the case of Trisira and Ravana. It is the difference in understanding and application of that Vedic knowledge that separated them from Dharmics. The main difference between the Asuric and Dharmic understanding of Vedic Sanatana Dharma is emphasis on and domination of Ego (individualism?) instead of the awareness of individual being an unrealized part of Param, respectively.

The trinity of Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is no different from various Asuric and A-dharmic waves of Puranic individuals, eons and societies. All these Abrahamic faiths are ideologically intolerant – that is they cannot interact with non-conformance. The assumptions, justifications and methods they use is same as our Puranic ancestors. Like their ancestors, these modern Asuric forces too will be destroyed because they are A-dharmic a.k.a unsustainable.

Our Puranas tell us the story of Daksha Prajapati. He conducted an yajna (a project) and did not want to involve Shiva (Pasupati or ultimate-being). Shiva’s consort Sati goes there and self-immolates when she gets insulted by her father Daksha.  Learning that Shiva releases his pramadha-ganas to destroy Daksha and turns inwards in the absence of his female counterpart.

In the current cycle of these pramadha-ganas (dominant male conscious), must have gone westward causing the first Abrahamic wave – as described in Old Testament. This civilization is devoid of the female aspect of the consciousness. The sin is permanently attributed to Eve.

This left the Devi-ganas that represent the female consciousness rudderless. The Sakteya sect grow tantric in nature – where madya, mamsa, maidhunas are dominated. The un-channeled invocation of sensual forces dominated the social scene leading to concepts like slavery, harems the size of small towns etc.,

There are indications that Islam is a revival of estranged devi-ganas whose Kaaba is only the Yoni section of Shivalinga (which is a combination of Yoni and Linga).

This separation of male and female consciousness leads to the raise of Taraka-Asura. Taraka considered Shiva and Sati has his parents and but he did not believe in the re-unity of his parents. That is why he sought a boon to be killed only by the son of Shiva and Parvati. He mastered all materialistic sciences but lacked any spiritual awareness. He harnessed natural elements leading to a materialistic heaven on earth. But he was denied Yajna-bhaga/phala (reserved only to Dharmic Devatas).

The current cycle of Taraka-Asura is the raise of Christian consciousness in the west, with current USA representing the characteristics of Taraka-Asura. No wonder the Puranas call all the lands outside Bharatavarsha as Bhoga-bhoomi and only Bharatavarsha as Karma-bhoomi, where one receives the multi-dimensional result/insight/phala of his yajna.

Separated from Bharat, all these estranged humanity could not gain from the Sanatana Dharmic consciousness. So they missed out how their parent civilization reunited the separated male and female consciousness, whenever it happened.

Himavamta, invoked his Dharmic penance and got Sati devi re-born as his daughter Parvati. Entire Deva-gana did penance/yajna to bring Siva and Parvati together. They even sacrificed Manmadha (the embodiment of human desire of sensual pleasures) to bring these male and female consciousness together. Manmadha had to wait till Sri Krishna’s arrival to take a re-birth. Thus came the birth of Subrahmanya (su-brahmanya = the supreme embodiment of brahmana) who became the commander of dharmic forces putting an end to Taraka-Asura.

No wonder Adi-Samkara walked around Bharatavarsha just before the Islamic invasions of Bharat and re-establish the four Vedic mathas in four corners of Bharat. As part of his cleaning up of house before the Asuric invasions Adi-Samkara preserved the mantra-knowledge in local Tantric schools by taking it from certain practices, thus making sure that the invading devi-ganas do not get out of control with the acquisition of the root-knowledge. He also united various sakteya peethas with the corresponding shiva-peethas; many places marrying the local sakteya deity with shiva tatva; thus ensuring that the local sakteya body of knowledge do not merge with the invading devi-ganas devoid of Siva-tatva.

This also explains the obsession of these estranged populations with Bharatavarsha and its acceptance of their ideologies. No wonder some of the Bharatiya populations are very susceptible to these Asuric ideologies, because it is natural for humans to perceive the world thru their senses, no matter where they live.

Hence the observation of ‘Dhwajasthambha’ in some new churches in India, because Dhwajasthambha in a temple is indication of the ideology’s Veda-pramana. And also the obsession of Pakistan with Kashmir where mother Sati reborn as Parvathi.

So it is up to the current Dharmic forces to devise an appropriate strategy to destroy this version of tri-purasuras and bring back the natural union of Shiva and Parvati so the society becomes Su-brahmanya. Perhaps it needs the destruction of the modern Manmadha, Tarakasura and subjugation of Pramadha-ganas.

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