Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Secularism – A leash or shackle in Bharat’s neck? Epilogue

Imagine a hypothetical scenario. An unknown player has a nuclear bomb that it wants to use against a specific religious society.

Who will be the intended target and who will respond to the attack if the nuke is dropped on –

  • Jerusalem
  • Vatican
  • Mecca
  • Buddha Gaya
  • Varanasi (or one of the many Hindu sacred sites)

How the response of say a secular USA differ from that of another secular nation India or Jewish Israel or an Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Communist China in  each of the above scenario?

Would a secular India nuke the perpetrator when a nuclear bomb is dropped on Mecca? What happens to the entitlement of Indian Muslims, who make 15% of Indian population, over India’s nuclear policy?


That brings us back to the philosophical question Caesar raises to his intellectual father in the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. 

So what would be a Dharmic solution to Caesar’s conundrum? A dharmic guru would have told Caesar about the concept of all pervading God-consciousness and swa-dharma. Perhaps the dharmic guru would have foretold Caesar about the animistic behavior that his intellect wouldn’t surpass when the grand-father to be ‘perceivably’ intimidated by the neighbor leading to the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

The purpose of a Dharmic Guru is to make Caesar understand the role of the leash until he is fully humanized and to free his consciousness from his animistic/beastly behavior forever. But he would not demand the dharmics to wear a leash/shackle so Caesar feels more at home.

The anti-heroes of Independent India behaved exactly like their Abrahamic masters, by shackling the dharmic Bharat with Secularism instead of liberating their under-developed minority brethren. 

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